Whats different in MooTools 1.5

The main things in this release are:


  • Swiff is gone from Core (now found in More)
  • Many of the user agent properties on Browser are now deprecated and MooTools depends on feature detection instead
  • Added support for IE11 so that Browser.ie continues to work, but is undefined in compatibility mode. See this pull request for additional information
  • A tremendous amount of work done to overhaul the unittests, the test runner and integration with Travis CI and SauceLabs.This new test suite can also run locally, opening and testing localbrowsers
  • Speed improvements for managing Element classes (using the new classList API available in modern browsers)
  • appendHTML method added to Element
  • Fx.isPaused() method added to Fx
  • String.contains is now implemented according to the new ES6 standard
  • getComputedStyle is now the default engine behind the getStyle() method
  • Build system now uses Grunt (http://gruntjs.com/)


  • Spinner now has WAI-ARIA support
  • Form Validator now uses event delegation to watch inputs and whatnot
  • New Array.Extras method: Array.pluck
  • New Event move in Slider.js
  • Numerous updates to language files
  • Swiff moved to More, from Core
  • Added support for :keys(+) in Element.Event.Pseudos.Keys
  • Dependency on Core’s now deprecated Browser flags removed
  • New test infrastructure: Grunt-Karma-Jasmine, Travis CI and Saucelabs

Get 1.5 while it’s hot

Use the web builder for core or more to download your copy, download core from the download page, or:

git clone https://github.com/mootools/mootools-corecd mootools-coregrunt packager # see the Gruntfile.js and README for additional build and test options