Sitemap.XML - Changefreq & Priority

Changefreq examples:

  • NEVER: Old news stories, press releases, etc.
  • YEARLY: Contact, “About Us”, login, registration pages.
  • MONTHLY: FAQs, instructions, occasionally updated articles.
  • WEEKLY: Product info pages, website directories.
  • DAILY: Blog entry index, classifieds, small message board.
  • HOURLY: Major news site, weather information, forum.
  • ALWAYS: Stock market data, social bookmarking categories.

Priority sitemap XML tag value

  • 0.8-1.0: Homepage, subdomains, product info, major features.
  • 0.4-0.7: Articles and blog entries, category pages, FAQs.
  • 0.0-0.3: Outdated news, info that has become irrelevant.