PHP preg_replace_callback

The preg_replace_callback() function is an under-utilized and little documented PHP function that you will find useful and powerful in many situations, especially if you have been actively using preg_match() and preg_replace().

<?phpecho $t1 = 'Lorem ipsum <insert>130</insert> dolor sit amet, adipiscing <insert>150</insert> elit.';

function fReplace($matches){echo <pre>;print_r($matches);echo </pre>;return $matches[0] = '<b>INSERT TEXT</b>';}echo preg_replace_callback(/<insert>.*?</insert>/siu,fReplace,$t1);?>

IN => Lorem ipsum <insert>130</insert> dolor sit amet, adipiscing <insert>180</insert> elit.

OUT => Lorem ipsum INSERT TEXT dolor sit amet, adipiscing INSERT TEXT elit.

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