MooTools 1.4.5 Released

MooTools Core 1.4.5 is a maintenance release for the 1.4 branch.

1.4.5 brings a critical bugfix for Fx.CSS which causedmany troubles for tweening and morphing your element styles. The bug was caused by a fix in 1.4.4 which should improve animating other lengthunits like % or em (see #2160. Many of you noticed the bug and filled bugreports and also helped us testing this new release.

We have improved our tests and are planning to freeze the code for anew release for a longer period so we can gather more feedback toprevent potential regressions. If you’re interested in testing a newrelease in your application, you can ping us on IRC (#mootools, Twitter (@mootools / @astolwijk) or in the MooTools User Group.


  • #2280 - Fx.CSS breaks Fx.Morph and Fx.Tween
  • #2289 - .setProperty() should trigger .toString()


Send us issues (tickets) or feature requests to the MooTools Core Issues or report your problems in the MooTools User Group.

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