Feedthebot tools

I personally developed, designed and conceived of these tools. They are a step above other tools you will find on the web. My goal is to provide useful professional grade tools that are free to use.

spider simulator - Can Google see your webpage? Are there things you can improve? This tool examines a page and offers suggestions.

image SEO tool - Can Google see your images? This tool examines your image alt tags and offers suggestions specific to your webpage.

request checker - Find out what it takes to load a webpage. Tool counts requests and displays services used by page.

social count tool - Find out how other people are sharing your webpages. Tool checks Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

http header check - A simple and accurate http header tool. It displays the http response headers of a webpage or resource.

link count tool - Tool will count the total amount of links found on a webpage.

If modified tool - Tool checks a webpage to see if it accepts the if modified since HTTP header.

Gzip checker - Is page Gzipped? - displays compression stats if available.

css delivery tool - Tool will display how CSS is used on a webpage.